Tuesday, 4 June 2013

A Musical Endeavour... Hear What You Think.

A bit of music for you Dear Friends. This was recorded straight, in one take (Guitar and vocals together), with whatever you call the mindless 'solo' in the bridge dubbed over the top (with the audio reduced underneath ;) )... to cover up for my guitar playing in that part, which curiously enough, whilst I wasn't making a mildly irritable attempt at playing and singing, was a mess :S

I have, or had, never done any sort of sound editing/mixing up to this point, so it's all a learning curve, but a very pleasant one that keeps me distracted from distractions. I started playing guitar two years ago when I decided it was not enough to merely hear the same songs over and over, without knowing the process behind these fantastic note combinations. Now I am a bit closer to comprehending, and I find it one of the few fruitful outlets I have for my thoughtfulness, an excellent replacement for some vice or other I could have ended up turning to instead. For this I am very glad dear friends, very glad indeed.
Curiously enough I don't have any particular affection for this song or the artist, it's just very nice to play. You may want to turn your volume up; its all gone a little quiet.


I get so distracted
By some peoples reactions
That I don't see my own faults
For what they are
For what they are

At times so self destructive
With no intent or motive
But behind this emotion,
There lies a sensible heart
A sensible heart

See I'm no king
I wear no crown
But desperate times
Seem over now
But still I weaken somehow
It tears me apart
It tears me apart

I hope to learn as time goes by
That I should trust what's deep inside
Burning bright, oh burning bright
My sensible heart
My sensible heart
My sensible heart
My sensible heart

(City and Colour: Dallas Green, 2008)...

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