Saturday, 22 June 2013

A Rebuttal to the Senses...

Got out of bed this afternoon feeling like death, so attempted to offer a rebuttal to my groggy symptoms (you can hear me snuffling…).

It went as follows:

Recorded all in one and on the first go, this time using my electric guitar (photographed).
No information is available for this Martin Grech song online…either lyrically or musically, so the entire thing was figured out by ear... There go my obscure music tastes again.

I've been down on the wire
All I could stand
I trusted in life
Bit down for them

How their plans will come to nothing
For they do not know the nature

All hands up in line
Everything looks fine
Your wounds heal in time
Different for mine

How the mighty hands will fumble
For they do not know the nature

All eyes look back can see
That thing you broke was me

It seemingly worked as a means of overcoming my afflictions...


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